The Steps To Becoming and Benefits of Being an Approved Driving Instructor

Driving InsrtuctorThere are few basic steps to be taken before you embark on an exciting career as a driving instructor. These steps are necessary even before you undertake the required training for the three tests that you need to pass to become an Approved driving instructor and be entered onto the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency. If you haven’t been entered onto the Approved Register, you cannot legally charge for any driving tuition you provide.

To begin with, you need to meet a certain criteria and, if you cannot meet any of these, your application to become a driving an approved instructor will be refused immediately by the register. The basic rules with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) state that only those who are 21 years or over, and posses a valid driving licence for at least three years, can legally supervise novice drivers in the UK. Actually, the DVSA requests that you have a full drivng license for at least four out of the last six years.
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Driving Instructor Training Courses – The Quickest Way to a New Career

L plates and car keyChanging career may seem like a daunting task. There are so many things to consider such as:

  • Do you have the relevant qualifications for your new career?
  • And can you train around your current job?

Well fear not, because there’s a job out there that’s easy and and very rewarding and you likely possess all the fundamental skills to do it but would require a short period of training to become fully qualified.

So what’s this career? The answer is simple. Get driving instructor training to start your career as an Approved driving instructor!
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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Driving Instructor

Learning To DriveAre you interested in becoming a driving instructor? Driving instructors are simply people  approved and licensed to teach others how to drive a motor vehicle. They not only teach people how to drive safely but also help learner drivers develop the skills they need to pass their driving test and stay safe on the roads for years to come.

But as with most other jobs in the UK, there are certain advantages and disadvantages that come with being an an approved driving instructor. It’s important that one weighs them up before deciding to go down this career path!
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A Detailed Guide For Prospective Driving Instructors

How To Get Started With Driving Instructor Jobs

DSA Green BadgeIn the United Kingdom, an up-to-date register of Approved Driving Instructions (ADI) is maintained by the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVSA). The DVSA has set up the register in the interest of road safety so that the standard of driving instruction is improved and road saftey maintained.

This means that a minimum standard can be expected from registered instructors. In the UK, driving instructor jobs are only available to those whose name is on the register of Approved ADIs or those who hold a Trainee Licence issued by the DVSA Registrar.

Here is a brief guide for anyone wishing to become a registered Approved Driving Instructor.
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Is Becoming A Driving Instructor In The UK That Easy?

Do you want to become a driving instructor?

Many people nowadays are dying to become one because of the numerous tales of flexible working hours and a reliable annual income of about £30,000. Others say that the realities are not that rosy and many instructors earn less than this per year.

Become a Driving InstructorAn instructor incurs exam costs (£3,000) and once qualified the costs never end. Assuming you’ve successfully managed to get a franchise, you could end up having to pay around £350 a week to the driving school franchise. Remember this is minus the costs of fuel. If you decide to be a lone ranger, you will also have to incur car payments, advertising costs and other relevant business costs.

But all in all, training to become a qualified and approved driving instructor can be rewarding both work-wise and income-wise but you must first prepare adequately for the initial capital outlay required to establish your own franchise after finishing the qualifying exams described below in this article.
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